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Sunsetting of Current DeCommas Strategies (And What’s Next)
June 08, 2023

Sunsetting of Current DeCommas Strategies (And What’s Next)

GM DeCommunity! We’re here today with some big news — DeCommas is announcing the sunsetting of the Strategies feature to bring more focus on becoming the control center for Web3 and defi. While Strategies in its current form will go away, you can expect automated cross-chain strategies to show up in Pathfinder soon!

Short on time? Here’s a TL;DR:

  • DeCommas to sunset /Strategies to bring focus on Pathfinder, Swap and Datalayer
  • DeCommas does not abandon cross-chain strategies, strategies could just make a comeback as pre-made routes & combinations
  • PERP-ETH-MAINNET sits at 10%+ APY driven by strategy performance and incentivization, so all users should take home a profit
  • The current /Strategies feature will be set to Withdraw only from Tuesday 13th of June
  • /Strategies will be removed from the app early July, but withdrawal remains available on a dedicated page

How did /Strategies start, what are the insights?

At DeCommas the focus has always been to become the control center for web3 and defi, as the project is founded on a deep belief that better and more accessible UX is the missing link to mass adoption of web3- and defi-technology. As part of this vision, the Strategies feature was deployed early 2022, allowing users to deploy assets in fully automated complex cross-chain strategies which would otherwise have been unattainable to them.

Strategies has been quite a difficult beast, building an autonomously operating automation layer for defi to respond to market conditions and get into position at the right moment in the right balance, all while relying fully on transparent and decentralized web3 technology. This has made deploying and iterating strategies, as users surely have noticed, a slow and resource-consuming process. Pair this with strategies that don’t shine in sideways bearish markets, you’ll end up with a skewed input / output balance.

This very much applies to the delta neutral GMX-based strategy that has been in development for a while now. We might do a separate, more detailed, update on this later. In short, getting the strategy to consistently deliver on its promise, getting in and out of position at the right moment, all within the current /Strategies set-up has been challenging to say the least.

It’s painful, but sometimes you have to kill your darlings to get to the next level. It’s time to move on. To Pathfinder.

Current Strategies will be sunsetted, but will live on in Pathfinder

Nothing has changed about the conviction that “average joe” wants access to strategies in web3 and defi without having to turn all the knobs and levers themselves. Automation and simplification still is the answer here. This is why /Strategies, at some point, will move to Pathfinder.

There is no clear timeline on this yet, but team is working on this. Expect user-friendly, non-custodial, transparent and decentralized technology to take away as much of the friction as possible. Expect simplistic cross-chain strategies, but lovers of more sophisticated approaches like delta neutral strategies will also be satisfied. In line with how Pathfinder operates, it will show you all feasible routes to deliver what you are looking for, and allow you to execute this all in one interface.

Considering the full on web3-mission control focus, it’s not hard to imagine what these strategies might look like: multiple instruments combined to build up a position, all in one place. That means protocols will be integrated gradually, creating all the possible connections to form these strategies. Think of swapping any asset to farm it for a high APR and then hedging the downside exposure on perps. This also means that along with these integrations there’s a need to understand which pain points in the multichain web3 world need solving. It’s all about solving the struggles of the web3 community in a single and convenient interface. More on this later!

What to expect from the sunsetting of /Strategies

As part of the transition, the currently active PERP-ETH-MAINNET strategy will be deactivated and put in withdrawal-only mode starting Tuesday 13th of June. This strategy is currently sitting on a healthy +10% return, so users can exit with a nice profit. If you are in this strategy, please take your time to withdraw!

Early July, the /Strategies feature will be removed from the app. However, a dedicated withdrawal-only page for discontinued strategies will be made available to ensure a smooth transition for users. The exact URL will be communicated later.