Bringing dynamic automation to DeFi

Make your DeFi assets work 24/7 with
DeCommas' chain-agnostic automation layer

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Active DeCommas automated DeFi strategies

Deliver real results with active automated DeFi strategies


The DeCommas road to delivering yield- and ROI

How the DeCommas automation layer brings yields and ROI

Easy accessInterface quickly with our automated DeFi vaults
On-chain strategyOn-chain decision making through smart-contracts
Decentralized validationRelayer network takes care of monitoring and triggering
Real Yield & ROIGenerate real yield & ROI with DeCommas strategies

“DeCommas is the missing link in DeFi, the decentralized automation layer that enables hands-off yield optimization strategies”

What is DeCommas?


The road to realizing our vision


DeCommas has an expert team in place: developers, strategists, community experts, and growth specialists

DeCommas Web3 toolstack is live on

The First DeCommas DeFi strategies are live in our "test in production" environment

Current focus

Develop and launch multiple new DeFi strategies with increased capacity

Alpha implementation of relayer network with gated access

Build and develop awareness for DeCommas Protocol

Long term vision

Build your own cross-chain strategies on top of the DeCommas automation layer

Launch of DeCommas Strategies Market, a tailored marketplace for DeFi-strategies

Relayers mainnet, decentralized set of relayers for trustless cross-chain DeFi automation

Effortless automation
to optimize your DeFi returns

The benefits of a fully decentralized, chain-agnostic automation layer