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Introduction to Arbitrum Odyssey
November 04, 2022

Introduction to Arbitrum Odyssey

The Arbitrum airdrop may be the largest in cryptocurrency history, but many participants may not be eligible for it if they miss out on certain activities. Odyssey is an important part of such activities. This post will show you how to maximize your Arbitrum airdrop chances by participating in Arbitrum Odyssey with a little help from DeCommas tools.

Key Takeaways

  • Arbitrum Odyssey is an 8-week campaign aimed at exploring the Arbitrum ecosystem. Explorers get NFT badges for being active.
  • Odyssey is a part of a potential Arbitrum airdrop. By participating in Odyssey, you may also increase your chances of getting an Arbitrum airdrop.
  • Although Odyssey has been paused (Week 1), you can still participate for benefits.
  • Bridging assets via DeCommas is one of the easiest ways to participate in Arbitrum Odyssey & Arbitrum blockchain airdrops.

What Is Arbitrum Odyssey?

Arbitrum Odyssey is an 8-week initiative to bootstrap user engagement within the Arbitrum network. In return, users get NFT rewards and increase their chances of getting Arbitrum airdrop (if any). Here’s a quick timeline of Arbitrum Odyssey.

  1. Arbitrum DAO participants picked various protocols back in 2021. 
  2. These protocols are now part of an 8-week campaign. 
  3. Each week features several protocols users can interact with.
  4. Users cover specific on-chain actions using these protocols and get NFT badges.
  5. Once/If the Arbitrum airdrop happens, the Odyssey NFTs may increase your remuneration.

The Odyssey campaign was paused in June 2021, but users can still participate to increase their chances for potential airdrops. 

Willing to learn more? Head over to the official Discord channel to get answers, you can also check the FAQ section or the general chat to get updates related to the project. 

Why Participate in Arbitrum Odyssey?

Arbitrum Odyssey is a small part of the Arbitrum blockchain evolution. Considering the issues Arbitrum blockchain clears out, the network seems quite attractive over the long run. 

💡According to data from Arbiscan, Arbitrum’s on-chain activity quadrupled after its recent Nitro upgrade. The daily transaction count climbed to 319k unique transactions on September 1st — an all-time high.

You can participate in the Odyssey campaign to get NFT badges across Arbitrum protocols. And also to increase your potential airdrop chances within the network as a whole. The Odyssey campaign rewards include 17 exclusive NFTs.

Although there is no official confirmation of an airdrop, Arbitrum may announce one in the future. The team behind Arbitrum has already confirmed their intention to launch a native token (utility and governance).

Here’s a detailed guide to tap into Arbitrum airdrop.

Arbitrum Odyssey: Participation Rules & Conditions

The Arbitrum team launched the Odyssey campaign back in 2021, but it was paused due to various reasons. 

Alt: Arbitrum odyssey is paused

Keep an eye peeled for the current status of Arbitrum Odyssey.

Participation Rules & Conditions

Each user can get NFTs by engaging with the Arbitrum network. You can use various wallets to connect to DApps and use their functionality. However, you should interact with a specific list of protocols to be potentially eligible for rewards. 

What Protocols Are Part of Arbitrum Odyssey?

The event was paused after Week #1

Week #1 has educated users to bridge funds to Arbitrum. Active participants used supported bridges to claim NFT rewards later on. If you bridged your funds via the most popular bridge within the list, you could have claimed a bonus NFT. 

The remaining 7 weeks are dedicated to dApps on Arbitrum. Each week highlights two protocols. Each dApp has its own task to bootstrap Arbitrum network overall performance.

Week # Partner Projects

Week 1 — Bridging week

Week 2 — Yield ProtocolHashflow

Week 3 — Aboard ExchangeTofuNFT

Week 4 — UniswapApex

Week 5 — 1inchIzumi/Yin Finance

Week 6 — DodoSwapr

Week 7 — TreasureDAOBattlefly

Week 8 — SushiIdeamarket

Even though the Arbitrum Odyssey campaign is paused, you can still join and benefit.

Participate in Arbitrum Odyssey: Joining Phase 1

If you’ve participated in Week 1, you can claim NFTs here. If you didn’t participate in Week 1, you can buy the Odyssey NFT on Opensea or alternative marketplaces here and here

Participate in Arbitrum Odyssey via DeCommas Bridging 

You can use DeCommas to complete some of the tasks related to Arbitrum Odyssey activities. One example would be the Arbitrum Guild participation — you can get an exclusive discord tag, which may be beneficial in the future. Learn more about the Arbitrum guild and its requirements. 

Bridging into Arbitrum is another way to benefit, as you’ll need funds to interact with protocols from Week 2 to Week 8 once the event is up and running. Learn more about why you might want to prefer DeCommas bridging over direct bridging. 

Let’s break down how you can bridge for benefits via the DeCommas protocol. First off, head over to the DeCommas Bridge page.

DeCommas Multichain Swap

The easiest way to participate in Arbitrum Odyssey. You can swap tokens across chains under just several clicks with DeCommas, and interact with various Arbitrum protocols to collect potential rewards.

  1. Head over to the Multichain Swap page 
  2. Connect your wallet and pick the assets you want to bridge

Alt: decommas multichain swap

  1. Pick the destination network and the assets you want to swap

Alt: decommas swap arbitrum

  1. Double-check the info and enter the amount to swap

Alt: decommas eth to arbitrum swap

  1. Complete the swap into Arbitrum

Learn more about DeCommas multichain swap

Hop Bridge x DeCommas — Bridging Into Arbitrum 

Why use Hop Bridge? It’s a specific bridge solution for sending tokens across rollups.

Hop protocol is designed to almost instantly send tokens across rollups and their shared L1 network. Supported assets include ETH, USDC, MATIC, DAI, and USDT from and to the networks Mainnet, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, and xDai. Moreover, Hop Bridge is one of the most popular solutions on the market, which speaks volumes. 

Hop X DeCommas Bridging Explained

Connect your wallet first. Then spot the Hop Bridge and click on (Transfer) to initiate the bridging. 

Alt: decommas hop bridge

Pick one of the blockchains available (Left drop-down menu) and the destination blockchain (Arbitrum)

Alt: decommas hop bridge arbitrum

Pick ETH as the bridging asset and specify the amount to transfer into Arbitrum

alt: decommas arbitrum bridging

Connect a recipient chain and address to proceed, click on (Next Step) and complete the transfer. 

DeGate Bridge x DeCommas — Bridging Into Arbitrum 

Another way to bridge into Arbitrum is the DeGate bridge. You can access it via the DeCommas interface. 

DeGate is a great alternative to Hop Bridge, as both have low fees and almost instant swaps. 

DeGate X DeCommas Bridging Explained

  1. Head over to the DeCommas Bridge page and spot DeGate bridge 
  2. Click on (Bridge) to proceed and choose a token to swap for ETH

Alt: degate bridge ethereum

  1. Connect your wallet and choose the Arbitrum blockchain for ETH as the destination

Alt: degate to arbitrum bridging eth

  1. Enter the amount you want to bridge into Arbitrum and click on Exchange ETH to complete the swap.

Closing Thoughts

Although the Arbitrum drop hasn’t yet been confirmed, it may bring massive rewards for those who believed before others. Arbitrum Odyssey is one of the ways to show your dedication and reap potential rewards in the future. Bridging with DeCommas is an exemplary case study of how you can kick-start your Arbitrum airdrop journey. 

Join the DeCommas Discord server to discuss this initiative and participate easily. We`ll be glad to hear from you!