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Gas Reimbursement Program
April 12, 2023

Gas Reimbursement Program

It’s only been a few weeks since the new DeCommas Swap (powered by LI.FI) went live and we’ve already hit $1,000,000 in volumes. To celebrate this, we’re launching some fun and exciting incentives for the coming weeks! Swap users benefit from rewards of up to 250 USDC, as well as our nifty Gas Reimbursement Program. In this article we’ll be explaining all about our Gas Reimbursement Program.

We have launched a Gas Reimbursement Program for users swapping assets on DeCommas Swap from 12th of April until 30th of April 2023. To be eligible for this program, users must accumulate gas fees of more than 5 USD combined, this can be spread over multiple transactions. For a limited amount of transactions we’ll cover gas fees for the participants of this program on a first-come-first-served basis, keep an eye on our Discord and Twitter for updates on this!

To participate in the program, users must submit their transaction ID’s and total fee amount for the swaps through the Zealy quest named “Gas Reimbursement Program” using their EVM wallet. Once the submission is approved, we will send the reimbursement to claim on our rewards tab.

The Summary of Rules:

  • Use DeCommas Swap to swap your assets between 12th of April and 30th of April.
  • Accumulate at least 5 USD in gas fees over your combined swaps.
  • Submit your tx id, your EVM wallet address and amount of gas fees accumulated via DeCommas Zealy_io questboard with the quest “Gas Reimbursement Program”.

To help users understand the submission process, here is a short tutorial with the screenshots. 

1.Visit the DeCommas app and connect your wallet.

  1. After establishing a connection, head to the “Swap” tab and select the “From” option where you hold assets for swapping. For our purposes, we will be selecting USDC on Fantom.

  1. In the “To” field, we will select the Ethereum chain and the $ETH.

  1. Enter the amount of $USDC you want to swap.

  1. Choose any route you like. Pay special attention to gas fees and estimated time of transaction.

  2. Then, swap and congratulations! You are now the owner of the $ETH.

  1. To review your assets visit our Portfolio tab.

  1. To be eligible for gas reimbursement, go to DeCommas Zealy questboard.

  1. Find the quest “Gas Reimbursement Program’’, submit your Transaction ID’s, the amount of gas fees accumulated and your wallet ID.

The distribution of gas reimbursements will be processed via the rewards tab. This program is another way that DeCommas Swap is working to create a better experience for its users. To check on more updates on this, stay in our space on Twitter and Discord. For more details read the T&C here.