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DeCommas x LI.FI Zealy Activities Tutorial
May 29, 2023

DeCommas x LI.FI Zealy Activities Tutorial

We are excited to announce the launch of the DeCommas x LI.FI quests, designed to reward valued users like yourself! By participating in Zealy activities, you now have the opportunity to claim rewards of up to 30 USDC and mint yourself an exclusive DeCommas x LI.FI NFT.

How can you claim these rewards, you ask? Two simple steps:

  1. Complete the quests in the “DeCommas x LI.FI” category the DeCommas Zealy questboard
  2. Complete the corresponding quests on LI.FI’s “DeCommas x LI.FI” questboard.

To make it even easier for you, we’ve made a simple guide on how to participate. This guide will help you understand all steps required to complete the quests, and benefit from the rewards available!

Visit DeCommas questboard and start completing these easy quests.

Quest 5. Join LI.FI Discord


  1. Join LI.FI discord
  2. Post a GM message in gm channel with text “GM from DeCommas!”


Submit a screenshot with your message.

Quest 6. Join LI.FI Telegram \ 100XP


Join the LI.FI telegram news channel


Submit a screenshot with proofs where it is clearly visible that you’ve joined the channel. This quest is for manual review, so it can take up to 3 days.

Visit the LI.FI questboard and start completing the next quests.

Quest 6. Show your portfolio on DeCommas app \ 100XP


  1. Connect wallet to

  1. Make a screenshot of your portfolio

  1. Post screenshot on Twitter and write about your experience while using it

  1. Don’t forget to mention @decommas & @lifiprotocol5. Submit a link to your tweet.

Quest 7. Swap on DeCommas’ app \ 200XPMISSION 🎯

Swap any asset in total amount higher than $5 on 
Make swaps from 29/05 to 09/06


Submit link to your TXid

  1. Go to
  2. Select the asset to swap and the destination chain

  1. Make sure that your swap is higher than $5

  1. Select the desirable route that fits you the best

  2. Click Swap button and sign the transaction

  1. Submit link to your TXid

Quest 8. Pathfinder deposit quest


Connect your wallet, use Pathfinder and invest in any opportunity via this feature.

Submit your wallet ID as proof in Zealy.

Pathfinder tutorial article on Medium

Well done!

Wrapping Up

Once you have completed all of the quests on both DeCommas and LI.FI sides, make sure to check our social media accounts, like Twitter, for the announcement of USDC reward distribution. Then, you can check your wallet to confirm eligibility.

After the campaign ends NFTs will be distributed via Galxe amongst the first 100 users completing all quests in the DeCommas x LI.FI campaign. Stay tuned for more information on this!

Done with the DeCommas x LI.FI quests and looking for more? Take a look at our Medium articles on how to participate in other ongoing campaigns!