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DeCommas App updates
March 21, 2022

DeCommas App updates

DeCommas App is a platform which offers toolkits that simplify user interaction with various blockchain-based ecosystems. Data-driven automation solutions empower users and enable more efficient workflows.

We continue to work on improving the functionality and offer new innovative tools for enhancing the usability and capabilities of DeFi. Today, we would like to introduce another update to DeCommas App, in which we took our users’ requests into account. We’ve freshened-up the design of the platform, and now the feature-rich DeCommas toolset offers a new crisp look along with a plethora of new tools.

New design

We’ve significantly changed the web design, and even added a welcome page describing the platform’s features and providing a list of available tools.

We’ve also added a section with our new Earn product, and updated our existing tools. The following sections are now available on the left side of the panel:

Earn: automated basis strategies (Testnet);

Bridges: a platform for finding crosschain bridges;

Portfolio: wallet browser and NFT gallery;

Solana Tools: tools for interacting with the Solana network;

Explorer: faucets aggregator (Testnet), options and futures tools.

Earn: Basis strategies

Earn provides users with an interface which features various underlying strategies. The basis strategies follow the approach where profits do not depend on the direction of the price movement; such strategies utilize the opportunities arising due to market inefficiencies. We have already discussed this in further detail in one of our previous articles — New Meta: Automating Basis Trading.

In the Earn section, you can find a list of all available pools. This tool enables users to deposit funds into special vaults and generate income. Information about the pool size and estimated yield is available for each proposed strategy. At the moment, the platform presents pools with automated strategies based on decentralized perpetual futures.

To get more information about the applied strategy, simply click on “Show basis strategy”. Here, you can see the details and potential risks of the selected strategy — as well as deposit funds and see the history of strategic activity.

Earn tools are currently in the process of beta testing. Access to the basic strategies will be available in the test mode after the preliminary selection of participants. To be among the first to get access to the tool, make sure to follow our social media accounts and stay active in our Discord channel.


The Bridges section has been updated with a list of bridges and a “Suggest bridge” feature. Suggest bridge is an opportunity for the community to help the DeCommas team build a product that is equally useful for all crypto market participants.

Clicking on the “Suggest bridge” button opens up a new window where the user can then suggest adding a new bridge by providing its name and a link, as well as a short description with a list of supported blockchains.


Wallet explorer and NFT-gallery were not affected by the interface update, but the functionality of these sections became more flexible and informative.

Using NFT-gallery to conveniently display unique tokens, users can also obtain detailed information about each NFT available in the wallet. Simply select the token of interest to access extensive data and useful links.

The design of the Wallet explorer’s Token Info cards has also been improved. Now, when you click on the asset of your choice, you can get the additional information and useful links displayed in a new window.

Solana Tools and Explorer

We have decided to temporarily hide the Pool explorer and Farm explorer tools, as are currently unable to keep the information in these tools up-to-date. Detailed instructions for Multisender and Move Assets tools have been added.

You can check out our brand new design and functionality at DeCommas App.

We also eagerly await hearing your feedback in our Discord channel!