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Closed alpha for Terminal — Launch of Zealy Quests
January 23, 2024

Closed alpha for Terminal — Launch of Zealy Quests

We just announced DeCommas is contributing to building the Account Abstraction Terminal of the future as a tech partner! The terminal is close to launching a closed alpha, and the team building the Terminal has been so kind to provide the DeCommunity with 3 spots to the closed alpha.. In this article, you’ll learn all about how to become eligible for an Account Abstraction access code.

What is the Account Abstraction Terminal again?

What we know about the Account Abstraction Terminal is  that it will be a self-custodial trading terminal that allows users to interact with decentralized exchanges without the need for traditional web3 wallets, utilizing account abstraction for frictionless account creation and smart contract integration. DeCommas’ firmly believes this could be the future of trading.

Its key advantages include:

  • Account creation without seed phrases.
  • Gas abstraction.
  • Bundled transactions.
  • Robust security features (2FA, Session Keys, Passkeys, Social Recovery).
  • Various login options, including Gmail, Email, Metamask, and more.
  • Earning Account Abstraction Terminal points through trading activities, referrals, and more.

Gain access to the closed alpha by participating in Zealy quests

The closed alpha will see the light of day in March, and if you want to be part of this, pay close attention. As a member of DeCommas community, you can get early access through the Zealy campaign launching today, due to the generous opportunity from the Terminal’s team!

We’re offering a way to get in early, that’s why we are launching Zealy quests for the first 3 lucky members to get in! Of these 3 spots, a few will be rewarded to those showing most activity, and a few will be randomly assigned!

The following Zealy quests in the #Account Abstraction Terminal category will count towards getting access to the closed Alpha, and the ones marked with a * are mandatory for eligibility:

  • Quiz Chain (8 questions). In these quests will be a series of quizzes about #AATerminal we’re building.*
  • Like&retweet DeCommas tweet
  • Reply DeCommas tweet
  • Spread the word
  • Meme contest
  • Share the Knowledge on Twitter
  • YouTube Insight
  • AA for Everyone tweet

Expect new quests and quizzes to be added regularly, so make sure you check back often.

Quests are live now! Make sure to join in on the fun and secure an early access spot to the Account Abstraction Terminal closed alpha. The quests will remain live until the closed alpha will be launched, we’re expecting this to be in March!