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DeCommas Automated Basis Trading Testnet is here!
March 14, 2022

DeCommas Automated Basis Trading Testnet is here!

We’re ready to let you know that Testnet doors are finally open! Today, we rolled out a new app release which will enable you to enjoy our first automated product in Testnet and almost all of our other features with our new and slick UI.

Unfortunately, the nature of this strategy makes its capacity limited, so initially, we will be only able to allocate 500 places (each for 100 USDC which you can get for free from faucet, 50,000 USDC in total) out of the waitlist. But don’t worry — we’re working hard to release new products for testing, and will evaluate our strategy performance to determine how quickly we can open up more spots for you to enjoy an early glance at our new products.

Access to Testers will be provided in 2 groups:

  1. The first group will join today. It consists of Gridex early testers, our team members, Top-30 Perpetual Protocol addresses by PnL, close partners that we’d like to test our product and give us feedback, and fresh community members who were chosen for different contributions over the last few weeks.
    The list of addresses for the first group can be found here:
    [[Public] Guaranteed Spots Allowlist Testnet]

The first group will have until 14.03.22 to deposit freely.

  1. After that, on Monday 14.03.22, all remaining vacant 100 USDC slots (±260 slots) will be open for a deposit for everyone from the initial waitlist — so it certainly pays off to follow our announcements and use DeCommas as much as you can, to make sure you’re one of the first people to deposit until capacity has been reached. Pool capacity is limited, so you have to be in the first 260 people that want to deposit.

Testnet page:

  1. Connect your Metamask to Optimism Testnet. Please use Metamask. If you used any other wallet address for allowlist registration, please securely import this address to Metamask and use it.

  1. USDC Faucet for Optimism Testnet:’ll need only 100 USDC for testing.

  1. Deposit up to 100 USDC into the Automated Basis Trading Strategy Vault.

  1. Success!
    All the magic happens on its own. Over time, the vault will automatically open a position on Uniswap and Perpetual Protocol when funding rate conditions are optimal (fairly positive over the last 7 days), and will close the position when they are not optimal for Basis Trading.

Now it’s time for suggestions.

What do we currently expect you to test and make suggestions for?

Check whether everything works properly, the UI works smoothly and the transaction successfully goes to the contract, and try to find bugs and issues.

Suggest what we could add and optimize regarding the UI itself, but most importantly, for the strategy. What other similar strategies would you love to see next? Please suggest anything you believe is valuable in #Testnet channel in Discord.

Enjoy our Testnet and join our Discord channel to be the first to see new announcements!