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API user showcase: CoinStats
November 10, 2023

API user showcase: CoinStats

DeCommas is proud to introduce CoinStats as a new DeCommas API user. In this article we’ll zoom in on how DeCommas’ API helps CoinStats with their blockchain data needs, speeding up development and reduces costs.

About CoinStats

CoinStats is the world’s leading crypto, DeFi, and NFT portfolio manager. With over 1 million active users, they track their crypto, DeFi, and NFT assets in real-time every month. CoinStats’ mission is to empower people to manage their crypto portfolios through an easy-to-use platform.

Using CoinStats users can monitor their assets by connecting to over 300 wallets and exchanges, 70 blockchains, and 1.000 DeFi protocols through CoinStats. Apart from Portfolio Management, CoinStats offers a DeFi wallet for storing, purchasing and swapping crypto assets. Currently, CoinStats Wallet has a total value locked of over $100 million.

How CoinStats uses DeCommas API

As of October 2023, DeCommas is proudly supporting CoinStats by providing up to date ERC20 balances in the blink of an eye. The ERC20 endpointsprovide CoinStats with token balances, value and other datapoint across blockchains.

As a result of transitioning to DeCommas’ API, CoinStats has reduced technology costs on ERC20 calls by up to 70%, while also enjoying faster speed of response now with 1.246 million monthly visits, the DeCommas API can provide a fast and convenient experience for CoinStats users at scale. Reporting accurate data instantly, even at high volumes, is crucial for any Portfolio Tracker.

CoinStats x DeCommas Zealy Campaign

To celebrate CoinStats onboarding to DeCommas’ API we decided to do a quick and fun Zealy campaign. We’ve set up multiple exciting Zealy quests for developers and non-developers alike to earn Zealy XP. Get involved here:

DeCommas API in a nutshell

DeCommas provides the toolstack and infrastructure for easy access to web3 and defi. The DeCommas Mission Control API places indexed blockchain data within arm’s reach, simplifying the development of web3 applications, including portfolio trackers, wallets, web3 search bars, and activity feeds. At the same time providing the best speed response in the market for ERC-20 Balances requests.

The API features 17 endpoints with coverage on 13 networks, and these numbers are constantly increasing. Currently available for the following networks:

  • Mainnet
  • Arbitrum
  • Arbitrum Nova
  • Avalanche
  • Optimism
  • BSC
  • Fantom
  • Gnosis
  • Polygon
  • Polygon zkEVM
  • Base
  • opBNB
  • Linea

We also have docs for convenient using of DeCommas API endpoints, take a better look here

Additionally, we’ve recently launched the DeCommas Price Service, offering a comprehensive overview of ERC-20 price calculations using on-chain data from multiple decentralized exchange pools. You can learn more about it here.