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API User Showcase: 0xScore
April 25, 2024

API User Showcase: 0xScore

DeCommas is proud to announce that 0xScore is one of our API users. In this article, we will dive into how 0xScore effectively leverages DeCommas API to authenticate on-chain tasks for their quest platform.

About 0xScore operates as a Web3 tool designed to evaluate cryptocurrency wallets through their blockchain activities. It scrutinizes various metrics, including transaction volumes and defi engagement, to provide users with an understanding of a wallet’s reputation and influence. Individuals can use this service to assess their personal wallet score or to investigate the scores of others. The 0xScore reputation system can be incorporated by 3rd parties as an anti-sybil feature, aiding in the prevention of sybil attacks by ensuring users are legitimate.

Their quest platform helps users to learn about web3, engage in quests, earn rewards — all in a single space. Also 0xScore offers unique Web3 attestation services on the Linea network.

How 0xScore uses DeCommas API

0xScore integrates DeCommas API to authenticate on-chain tasks. They utilize this for EVM chains on their quest platform, available at

The platform employs transactional data from DeCommas Transactions and Transaction_ERC-20_transfers endpoints. This setup allows them to effectively manage and verify blockchain activities. Their approach enhances the accuracy and reliability of wallet evaluations on their quest platform.

DeCommas API in a nutshell

DeCommas provides the toolstack and infrastructure for easy access to web3 and defi. The DeCommas API places indexed blockchain data within arm’s reach, simplifying the development of web3 applications, including portfolio trackers, wallets, web3 search bars, and activity feeds. At the same time providing the best speed response in the market for ERC-20 Balances requests.

The API features 21 endpoints with coverage on 15 networks, and these numbers are constantly increasing. Currently available for the following networks:

  • Ethereum Mainnet
  • Arbitrum
  • Arbitrum Nova
  • Avalanche
  • Optimism
  • BSC
  • Fantom
  • Gnosis
  • Polygon
  • Polygon zkEVM
  • Base
  • opBNB
  • Linea
  • Mantle
  • Scroll

In response to the increasing interest and demand for Account Abstraction (AA), DeCommas API has introduced AA UserOps endpoints. These endpoints mirror the transaction details of smart contract accounts, enabling Account Abstraction to integrate smoothly without necessitating any changes to the Ethereum blockchain or any Layer 2 platforms that are compatible with ERC-4337.

Furthermore, DeCommas provides a pricing service that offers a detailed analysis of ERC-20 token prices. This service leverages on-chain data from various decentralized exchange pools to maintain precision. For more information, you can explore it here.