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At DeCommas, our future is rooted in exploring and developing all the possibilities of blockchain to unleash its potential by building tools that will be used by the community. We’re looking for people who believe that we can accomplish so much more together than we can apart.

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We are professionals with a deep passion for blockchain and DeFi. Being better and doing cool things is a main motivation of ours.

About 3Commas

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A bit of background information

DeCommas has a goal of becoming a one-stop cross-chain DeFi automated platform, complete with a full-fledged backend protocol for executing your strategy.

DeCommas started from the RnD department of 3Commas. We have a clear vision of the future, and we strongly believe in DeFi. For our main goal, we opted for making sure that your cross-chain DeFi experience is seamless and automated. We want you to be freed-up to care about the best opportunities and execution, rather than inconveniences you may encounter on your way to them. is one of the leaders in the field of crypto trading terminals and no-code automation, and has access to a vast amount of resources, with staffing in excess of 200 employees.

DeCommas itself is still a small team (±20 people at the moment) with a product in the very early stages of development - but with the resources and support of 3Commas, , it is fully equipped to do some truly incredible things.

By joining and following along from this early stage, you can have a keen influence on both tech and product decisions, and grow along with the project.

You can influence both tech and product decisions, and grow along with the project from this early stage.

More than just a job

The ability to choose whether to work remotely or in-office

The possibility of relocating to our main office in Tallinn, Estonia

All corporate perks lifetime bonuses

Professional development tools (mentorship program, tech talks, and trainings)

As a positive extra incentive: get firsthand information on new projects, concepts, and DeFi-related events

Let's build DeFi's future, together

We’ve got an ambitious road road ahead of us. Join our team and help us shape the future. It’s simple. Write a short story explaining why you want to join us and attach your CV. We will contact you from there.


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Cross-chain DeFi automation layer.


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