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Why we’re launching a Community Council at DeCommas?
September 15, 2022

Why we’re launching a Community Council at DeCommas?

We’ve recently announced the launch of the Community Council, an initiative for the DeCommas team and the DeCommas community to develop the DeCommas protocol collaboratively. A selection of community members can now partake in the Council to help shape DeCommas future. This write-up explains how DeCommas cultivates community through the Community Council.

Read on to know why the Council matters, what it means for the project, and how to get involved. Strap in, and let’s roll.

What is the Community Council?

The Community Council is a group of engaged, informed, and dedicated community members working alongside the team to develop the DeCommas protocol. The Council connects the dots between the broader community and the DeCommas team to help shape the DeCommas Protocol. It’s an effective way to gather feedback, community suggestions, and inputs, vital for fast-pacing DeFi and Web3 frameworks.

Think of the Council as a group canvas to brainstorm ideas, cultivate a strong sense of connection, and set up things otherwise impossible. It’s a gathering of like-minded contributors, creators, and DeCommas fans to build awesome services and products through value exchange.

Why set up the Community Council?

Despite all the benefits the digital age brings, it also supplies some challenges — especially those related to growing organizational complexity that has clouded the horizon for many businesses.

More leaders struggle to delegate tasks as the number of decision-makers has risen due to accessible communication channels. Department heads, chiefs, and founders ricochet anxiously while each following task pinches off a speck of their attention.

Some businesses rely on a few in power to simplify the decision-making, but the board members and corporate executives are yet another centralized structure. The gains of centralization are not always worth the pain it could cause, which is why DeCommas sticks to innovative governing and decision-making to avoid ineffective models of the past.

The Community Council is an intermediate step toward Web3 ideology aiming for effective operations through a collaborative working environment. The structure is designed to untangle decision-making for good, as decisions can be made based on information from any conceivable group with much more configuration flexibility.

The Reasons Behind the Community Council

The Council is a part of cumulative efforts toward the whole community-first agenda, but there’s more reasons for setting up the Council.

  • Set up two-way conversations and deepen interaction with the most engaged community members
  • Reward engaged contributors for mutual benefits
  • Bring more opinions on board to prevent a narrow outlook
  • Build a pool of dedicated talents. The Council members could make valuable team members

While helpful for the project, the Council initiative fits the user-first mindset perfectly, meaning the DeCommas team focuses on activities for members rather than direct benefits for the project itself. Beneficiaries conceive the flywheel effect, yielding a win-win situation.

Activities of the Community Council

The Council members can interact with the project deeper through specific activities mentioned below.

  • Provide feedback, suggest completely new ideas,
  • Act as ambassadors within the DeFi space, helping the DeCommas team to grow the exposure and authority over the long haul
  • Shape the roadmap and affect the project’s future
  • Help the team in building a world-class community

Eventually, it’s up to the Council to suggest more ideas on interacting with the team, implying unlimited opportunities for the members.

Benefits the Community Council Members Get

Here is the list of some benefits the Council members can get.

  • A Limited tag in Discord showing the user belongs to the Council
  • First-hand information on upcoming features, new developments, and other inputs
  • Direct communication with the team. All Council members can access an exclusive channel to chat directly with the DeCommas team
  • Tangible impact on the future of DeCommas. The Council members define the roadmap and partake in crucial decisions.

The council is just one of the many initiatives to develop the protocol. You can read more about what is next for DeCommas, should you want. If you would like to be involved in the council, reach out to the team on Discord.