How to use Multichain swap
September 05, 2022

How to use Multichain swap

One of the main issues in DeFi is the abundance of different blockchains that are isolated from each other. This makes it very difficult to work with DeFi platforms and leads to a significant increase of entry threshold for new users.

At DeCommas, we’re on a mission to make DeFi-automation a breeze, which also means we want to make transitioning between blockchains as easy as possible. In order to make our DeFi-strategies accessible to anyone, we’re taking yet another step in removing barriers to entry by offering Multichain Swap.

With Multichain Swap, DeCommas users can quickly move assets from one blockchain to another and use these assets in DeCommas’ strategies. Currently, Multichain swap supports BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Ethereum, Optimism, Fantom and Arbitrum. We also plan to add support for Solana soon.

Please keep in mind that Multichain swap is still in beta, so you might encounter some bugs while using the feature. Notice any bugs? Post a report to #feedback-ideas-suggestions on our Discord server. You can get the role of “bug hunter” for doing so. You never know when roles and activity in our community will be rewarded…. 😉

How to use Multichain swap?

  • Choose your wallet. In this example we will use MetaMask.

  • Accept the pop-up message in your MetaMask.
  • Choose a token to swap, we will swap the USDT from Polygon to Optimism.

  • Switch to Polygon. You can specify a different address to receive tokens in the highlighted menu. In our case, the tokens will be sent to the same address, but in the Optimism network.

  • Finally, confirm the swap itself. Please make sure that your wallet has enough funds to pay the fee.

Multichain swap is still in beta testing, so some users may have problems with swaps. To learn more about other DeCommas features and the platform itself, visit us on Twitter and Discord.