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DeCommas 101
May 05, 2022

DeCommas 101

DeCommas is a cross-chain trading automation layer with a set of tools supporting DeFi and Web3. It allows users to track cryptocurrency wallet activity within different decentralized protocols, move assets between several blockchains using bridges, use automated trading strategies, and much more.

The DeCommas platform is a spin-off of 3Commas’ platform, with a part of the 3Commas team currently working on the new project. Unlike 3Commas, DeCommas focuses almost entirely on DeFi, especially in Solana and Ethereum blockchains. The goal of the project is to create a convenient hub for interacting with different aspects of decentralized finance and to enable the efficient management of trading strategies in this sphere.

DeCommas services and tools

At the moment, DeCommas platform supports the following set of tools:

DeCommas Strategies

Strategies is a section with automated strategies aimed at making profits with DeFi. Users profit by depositing their tokens into a pool, providing the funds to automatically execute trading strategies using DeFi tools (e.g., perpetual futures).

DeCommas Bridges

Bridges is an aggregator of bridges between different blockchains. The service empowers users to quickly find the right platform for their desired direction of token transfer with a link to the bridge itself.

Currently, Portal by Wormhole and Hop bridges are directly integrated into DeCommas, allowing tokens to be transferred between blockchains without having to navigate to the platform itself. A significant benefit for DeCommas users is the fact that the integration has reduced the fees when using our service.

DeCommas Portfolio

The Portfolio section includes a cryptocurrency management page and NFT user gallery. This menu displays the dynamics of the assets’ value, staked funds, funds in liquidity pools, and assets involved in yield farming. Here, you can also promptly find information on other wallets supported by the DeCommas platform.

DeCommas NFT Gallery

The NFT Gallery offers a simple, convenient interface for displaying all NFTs available in the wallet. Virtual NFT Gallery by DeCommas allows users to clearly visualize all available assets.

It allows users to obtain information about NFTs collected from multiple trading platforms by analyzing addresses on the blockchain.

DeCommas Tools

The Tools section of DeCommas includes the following features:

  • Quick Wallet Creation. With this feature, users can quickly generate a list of new cryptocurrency wallets and upload it in a convenient format. Up to several thousand new crypto addresses can be generated at once;
  • Multisender. Send a certain amount of tokens to several crypto addresses at once in just a couple of clicks;
  • Emergency withdrawal of liquid assets from a wallet in a couple of clicks, in case of a hacking threat.

DeCommas Faucets (Sunsetted at this moment)

A set of testnet faucets for numerous blockchains. The service displays the available amount of cryptocurrency that each user can receive.

DeCommas Options (Sunsetted at this moment)

An Options market observer for BTC and ETH. Information can be sorted by individual cryptocurrency and trading platforms (CEX, DEX, or both).

DeCommas Futures (Sunsetted at this moment)

The Futures section includes information regarding funding differences on trading pairs on several decentralized exchanges (dYdX, Perpetual Protocol, and Mango Markets). DeCommas calculates approximate returns from a delta-neutral strategy for opening positions on the aforementioned platforms.

The core of a delta-neutral strategy lies in opening two opposite positions (short and long), preventing losses for the trader due to asset price movements. At the same time, the trader profits via funding rate fees. The Futures section provides up-to-date data on the size of fundings on decentralized exchanges, in order to simplify the construction of personal delta-neutral strategies.

DeCommas Accomplishments

The DeCommas team previously held an NFT draw, providing the results and announcing the winners at the end of 2021. Active platform users who participated in the developer campaign were eligible for the prize. This event had a positive impact on the platform’s popularity, and led to an influx of new customers.

In addition, DeCommas distinguished itself by integrating with Wormhole, which provided direct access to the Portal blockchain bridge. Other accomplishments include:

  • Optimism L2 integration;
  • Expansion of cryptocurrency wallet management features;
  • Integration of WalletConnect;
  • Addition of new blockchain bridges to the aggregator;
  • A $10,000 grant from The Graph.