reDeFining automation


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3Commas founding and growth. Becoming a market leader in the niche.

DeCommas team formation, Solana Grid bot development.

Gears (portfolio & tools, currently: DeCommas App) release.

OPEX (Options aggregator) release.

Futures(Perpetual DEX Funding Rates Dashboard) release.


Developing an automated on-chain strategy and building relayers network software, combining existing products into a single dApp.

Building strategies on several chains, increasing interoperability among existing products, and growing reliability. Testnet gated launch.

Building a decentralized set of relayers for strategy triggering to make on-chain trading automation trustless and accessible. Mainnet gated launch.

Scaling strategies, increasing capacity. Open mainnet launch.

Providing the opportunity to build community strategies, tools and complete products on top of DeCommas.



Cross-chain DeFi automation layer.


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